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Workshop on the definition of a food borne disease outbreak


The Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) will conduct a workshop to introduce the Foodborne Disease Infectious Diseases Surveillance Manual to officials of the departments responsible for investigating food poisoning incidents in the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Interior and the SFDA. Their duties in the work on the implementation of the procedures contained in the manual, in the period 5-6 / 2 / 1434H corresponding to 18-19 / 12/2012 at the headquarters of the General Authority for Food and Drug Administration.

This workshop will be followed by specialized training courses to train investigators on the investigation procedures and mechanisms contained in the manual. It is worth noting that the Coordinating Committee formed by the parties involved in the investigation of food poisoning incidents prepared this guide to standardize the procedures for investigating food borne disease outbreaks throughout the Kingdom and was approved by the competent authorities in those areas.

From Date
. 03-07-2019 . 07:00:00
To Date
. 03-07-2019 . 08:00:00
The event is over