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Services of the General Authority for Food and Drugs

Unique Device Identifications (Saudi-DI)

UDI system (Saudi- DI) aims to record and document the identifier codes for medical devices based on international standards. Device (DI) codes will help the users and stakeholders to recognize all information related to the device through registered UDI codes and labeled on the device package

National Center For Medical Devices Reporting

The National Center For Medical Devices Reporting (NCMDR) is devoted to receive adverse events reports and feedback information about any medical devices malfunction from hospitals and healthcare facilities all around KSA, as well as, receiving product recalls from manufacturers and suppliers to insure that proper action had been conducted.

Radioactive Material Registration System

​Finalize the importing, transporting and exporting of medical radioactive materials requests electronically easily and conveniently to serve the interests of health facilities, carriers and suppliers.

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