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Our Vision

To be a leading international science-based regulator to protect and promote public health.

Our Mission

Protecting the community through regulations and effective controls to ensure the safety of food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, pesticides and feed.

The strategic Plan

SFDA has launched the Fourth Strategic Plan 2023-2027, which focuses on three key themes (Products Safety, Local and International Partnerships, and Operational Excellence).

Moreover, the themes included ten strategic objectives as follows:

Products Safety:

1. Developing the Regulatory-System

2. Improving the Communication and Awareness

3. Developing the Legislation and Control of New Bio-tech Products

Local and International Partnerships:

1. Enhancing Products Availability

2. Enhancing International Leadership

3. Supporting Research and Innovation

4. Enabling Investors

Operational Excellence:

1. Diversifying Income Resources

2. Developing Human Capital

3. Increasing the Use of Advanced Digital Technology


To view the document of the Fourth Strategic Plan:

The strategic Plan