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The Sector is responsible for safety, efficacy, and quality of human, veterinary, herbal, and cosmetic products. Depending through a series of procedure’s and controls in accordance with approved international stander.

Drugs sector objectives:

To do so, the Sector handles tasks such as:

  • Registration the pharmaceutical products and companies by Evaluating safety, efficacy, and quality
  • Pricing of the pharmaceutical products.
  • Developing, reviewing and amending the regulations related to the human, veterinary, herbal and cosmetic medicines according to the international guidelines.
  • Post-marketing surveillance of pharmaceutical products and pharmacovigilance activities.
  • Evaluating the safety of cosmetic products (Cosmetovigilance).
  • Ensuring the availability of the products in the local market through track and trace system (RASD).
  • Providing scientific and pharmaceutical information to the consumer and issuing a periodical bulletin for the healthcare practitioners.
  • Coordinating with the Ministry of Health and other governmental sectors to promote the safety of regulated products.
  • Encouraging and supporting the national pharmaceutical industry in various situations.
  • Representing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in regional and international bodies and organizations in the filed of pharmaceutical products