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What is the difference between Halal Certificate and Certificate of consignment for halal products?

Halal Certificate: a Certificate which  confirms that the product, the service or the regulations specified meets Halal requirements in the Islamic Law, the validation of this certificate is 3 years.


Certificate of consignment for Halal products: a certificate issued by recognized bodies to be attached to each consignment of products that require Halal certificate.

What are the products that require a halal certificate?

Currently the Halal slaughter certificate Certification is mandatory for the shipments of meat, poultry and their products coming to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and issued by exporters and appointed by the center.

What are Halal Centers and how to apply for approval request to the external centers?

You can find the list of recognized halal certification bodies Under the icon of our clients through Halal Center website:

To apply for recognition please contact the email below:

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