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Are there scientific studies published by the SFDA related to risk analysis and how to find it?

There are many Published studies. In addition, SFDA have approved scientific papers internally this year. Currently, they are under publishing process in different journals. In addition to one published scientific paper entitled “The occurrence and dietary intake related to the presence of microplastics in drinking water in Saudi Arabia”, It can be found here 

DOI: 10.1007/s10661-021-09132-9

How can I find out about the countries and products that are banned in the Kingdom?

Through the SFDA’s official website by visiting the following link:

How to know the permitted amount of partially hydrogenated fats in some food products?

The technical regulation SFDA.FD 2483 “Trans Fatty Acids” has prohibited the use of partially hydrogenated fats in the food industry.

Is it allowed to add food ingredients to Honey?

The Technical Regulation SFDA.FD 147 “Honey” stated that adding food ingredients to honey is prohibited.

Is it possible to remove the nutritional facts on the food product label (a product with only one ingredient)?

The Saudi Technical Regulation SFDA.FD/GSO 2233 “Requirements of nutritional labeling” stated in Item No. 5/2/1 that “food products consisting of one food ingredient such as rice, tea, coffee or sugar” are excluded from the application of the regulation.

What are the requirements of food product packaging?

The following technical regulations and standards are related to food product packaging:

  • SFDA.FD/GSO 839 “Food Packages - Part 1: General Requirements”.
  • SFDA.FD/GSO 1863 “Food packages - Part 2: ‎Plastic package - General ‎requirements”.

Is it allowed to write the food product label in English (only)?

The technical regulation SFDA.FD/GSO 9 “Labeling of Prepackaged Food Stuffs” has stated “Labelling and adjoining explanatory statements shall be in Arabic and, where another language is used, it shall be alongside the Arabic ,All the information provided in another language shall be identical with those written in Arabic”

What are the requirements for fruit juice and nectar?

The following technical regulations and standards are related to fruit juices and nectar:

  • SFDA.FD/GSO 1820 “General Standard for fruit juices, drink and nectars”
  • SFDA.FD 5012 “Labelling of juices, nectar, and fruit drinks”

What are the technical regulations and standards for the shelf life of food products?

The following technical regulations and standards are related to the shelf life of food:

  • SFDA.FD 150-1 “Expiration dates for food products – Part 1: Mandatory expiration dates”
  • SFDA.FD/GSO 150-2 “Expiration dates for food products - Part 2 : Voluntary expiration dates”

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