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SFDA in National Transformation Program (NTP)

SFDA was among the first government entities participating in Vision 2030 Programs in 2016 through series of initiatives in NTP, which are:

    1. Establish Halal Center: (transferred to HSTP)
    2. Pesticide Residue Inspection Center: (transferred to HSTP)
    3. Establish a Unified Electronic System: (transferred to HSTP)
    4. Interactive Awareness Programs: (transferred to HSTP)
    5. Establish Track and Trace Electronic System: (transferred to HSTP)
    6. Easing the Purchase of Chemical Substances and Laboratory Equipment: The initiative aims to amend the procedures for requesting and purchasing chemical substances and laboratory equipment to ensure the continuity of work and to produce results with the required efficiency and quality. This initiative contributes to achieving Vision 2030 Strategic Objective 2.1.2 Improving the quality and efficiency of health services.

Also, SFDA has been assigned to measure the KPI “Percentage of essential medicines available in the local market” which aims to measure the availability of essential medicines based on reports received from local markets including all health establishments (public and private hospitals and community pharmacies). This KPI is a measure for achieving Vision 2030 Strategic Objective 5.4.1 Ensure development & food security.