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SFDA CEO: Inspector or field monitor assists and guides business owners and establishments to correct violations


His Excellency the CEO of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), Dr. Hisham bin Saad Aljadhey, affirmed that the role of the inspector and field monitor today is no longer confined to monitoring violations and issuing fines only, but rather helping and guiding business owners and facilities to correct and remove violations, adding that they are contributors to the development of the industry and attract investment.

In a speech on the occasion of the “Inspector and Field Monitor Day”, Dr. Aljadhey valued the great roles played by the inspectors and field monitors, praising all the sacrifices and efforts they perform to ensure the safety of food, medicine and medical devices provided to citizens and residents.

He added that SFDA has kept pace with the technological development in its inspection work by activating and implementing many initiatives and procedures, and benefiting from digital technologies, smart devices and artificial intelligence in monitoring and tracking violations in partnership with relevant authorities, such as tracking and measuring temperatures and humidity of food and drug vehicles and warehouses through Wasl platform, in cooperation with the Public Transport Authority.

In the interest of the continuous development and improvement of all procedural, executive and oversight tasks pursued by SFDA, Dr. Aljadhey confirmed that the quality of SFDA inspectors work and the quality of the inspections are measured and followed up according to performance indicators that are reviewed periodically, in addition to keenness on developing their skills and capabilities, and to inform them of the required procedures before, during and after the inspection visit, which also includes providing knowledge and educating workers in the facilities.

At the conclusion of his speech, Dr. Aljadhey praised the efficiency of SFDA inspectors and their assistance in developing the inspection system in some countries of the world by participating in seminars and conferences and holding training courses and workshops, in addition to the reliance of those countries on the results of SFDA inspectors’ reports.

It is worth noting that a number of government agencies celebrate Wednesday, March 30, the "Day of the Inspector and Field Monitor", in appreciation of them, highlighting their efforts and their role in consumer protection, and the importance of their role in maintaining the quality of services provided.

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