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 “SFDA” Issues Withdraws all Batches of “PROFINAL” Product due to a ‎Defect in Quality


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has withdrawn the PROFINAL Pediatric Suspension, which is produced by Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, due to a defect in the product's quality, represented in the non-conformity of a number of product batches with the approved specifications.

The scientific name of the product is Ibuprofen, and the ‎registration number is 74-186-98

This has been announced in a circular sent by the "SFDA" to health ‎authorities.   The authority's circular indicated that ‎the Company is obligated to withdraw the product from Wholesalers, Distributors Retailers and consumer.

The "authority" advised consumers to stop using the product and approach seeing the specialist doctor to dispense the alternative medicine.

The SFDA calls for informing consumers to inform it of any side effects or defects in the quality of any medical products through SFDA call center 19999.

  • To report sector-related issues

  • Call Centre 19999

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