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Aztec Secret Health & Beauty, LTD

“SFDA” Warns of Skincare Product "Health & Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay" Containing a High Percentage Bacteria and Arsenic


The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) issued a warning against skincare product named “Health & Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay”, because it contains high percentage of bacteria and arsenic.

. The Authority has explained that it examined samples of cosmetic products from the local markets to ensure their safety.

Examination results revealed that the product contained high percentage of bacteria and arsenic, which exceeded the acceptable impurity limits according to the safety requirements of cosmetics and personal care products regulations NO. SFDA.CO/GSO 1943:2016.

The product is manufactured by the Aztec Secret Health & Beauty, LTD., with expiry date 10/2020 and batch number (10-2020P).

The Authority indicated that bacteria are present in cosmetic products for several reasons, including failure to follow standards during the product manufacturing and packaging stages, or because the product is stored in inappropriate conditions and environment.

The contamination of cosmetic products with bacteria is not permissible unless it is from the type of harmless bacteria and in a percentage not exceeding the acceptable limit, as exposure to high levels of bacteria can cause serious health risks to the consumer.

It added that exposure for long periods of time to the arsenic leads to its accumulation in the skin, hair and nails, which can lead to inflammation of the skin, hyperpigmentation and loss of appetite, as well as more serious symptoms, which increase with longer exposure periods.

It advised consumers not to use the product and dispose any sample they may have, emphasizing the importance of purchasing products from reliable sources.

The SFDA pointed out that it was taking the necessary actions in cooperation with specialized authorities in order to follow up the product recall from the markets, preventing its entry, and taking the regulatory action against non-compliances.

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